Coffee with a Network Connection

Netkafy coffee machine

The Netkafy coffee machine is a fully automatic system with an automatic feeder cup and a conveyor belt that transports the cups are. The coffee purchases made on the local network.

The coffee Netkafy allows the workstation to prepare coffee without getting up from your. Through an interface on the computer, the required amount of coffee can be ordered. The machine is a commercial model, which was extended by the Swiss DBS AG is a remote control and a cup magazine and a Fast Ethernet port.

This is an empty cup under the coffee machine is, if the coffee is flowing, an automatic multi-feed cup was integrated, which provides the correct cup under the brewing unit. A conveyor belt moves the cup aside to make room for the next order. Using sensors and stepper motors of the cup of transportation is coordinated.

About the control software, the machine can be switched on and off. Like a printer must be replenished from time to consumables such as water, coffee beans and cups. The order should also be possible via mobile devices. The price and the developer not yet known.


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