CES 2013: Liquidpel 2.0, Coating that Makes the iPhone Completely Waterproof


Here’s another news that the CES 2013 revealed to the public: it is Liquidpel 2.0 , nano-coating for mobile devices that makes them waterproof. This is not a real novelty, As we had already tested the first version of this product to the MWC 2012 . Then we discover what’s new in the next version 2.0.

The real novelty lies in the improvement of the product which allows for significant improvements in durability, corrosion resistance and water protection than its predecessor. In fact, the company claims to have improved as much as 100 times its product and you’ll notice from the video that will show you the real truth of this statement.

For those of you not familiar with this new treatment, we can say that the device in question is covered with a special formula Liquipel 2.0 device that makes it waterproof, without damaging in any way the operation. Once this procedure will not notice anything since the thickness of the nano-coating is by far lower than that of a hair.

According to CEO Sam Winkler , any device treated with the new technology Luquipel 2.0 can actually enjoy the certification  IPX7 or resistant to a ‘ dive of 30 minutes up to 1 meter deep . If you do not believe us, here’s a video to prove it.Unfortunately, the treatment Liquidpel 2.0 is only available in the United States, then in Europe we have to wait more than a little to the introduction of this valuable coating that would save a lot of device accidentally covered with water. What do you think?

Via: Engadget


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