Casio had Learned to Transmit Data from iPhone with Visible Light

Casio had Learned to Transmit Data from iPhone with Visible Light  1

Casio has developed a mobile application PicapiCamera for the iPhone, designed to transmit data signals using visible light. As the transmitter can be any device capable of producing alternately red, green and blue.

Company engineers say that the transmission of digital data by using visible light can be used two main approaches. In the classic version is the rapid switching on and off the light source, and the color difference is not taken into account, as well as the signal receiver using a simple photodiode. The second approach involves the use of photodiodes is not, and imaging sensors that are used in digital cameras. The new Casio PicapiCamera project engineers used a camera of Apple iPhone – a mobile phone handles incoming data using a special application.

The developers have noted that this technology has many advantages over existing solutions. For example, take data from one source to five people can simultaneously writes DigInfo.TV. However, the volume of data transmitted in this small, it’s just a word length of 8 bits – a unique code that is sent to a server cloud associated with the application “Casio PicapiCamera”. The server returns to the client application is the appropriate content, for example, an image that is superimposed on the received image from the camera application.

To date, the prototype system can read information from a distance of one meter, with an increase of the light source and the distance increases. This new technology compares favorably with alternative technologies such as QR-codes. Thus, the Casio engineers suggest that svetoperedatchik can be installed on the railway station, and if it is sufficiently large, then the information can be read from a distance, up to hundreds of meters.


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