Bloomframe Turns your Window into a Balcony Down

Bloomframe Turns your Window into a Balcony Down 1

Those who follow me in Revoseek , you know I bought a house recently. Almost met all the requirements I had set early in the process, but one which I hope will not repent: no balcony.Fortunately, technology is here to help, and there are things like Bloomframe, able to convert a window down on a balcony.

This is not a prototype, or a brilliant idea, if not a reality that has passed all safety checks and tests , and a Dutch company that custom builds for those who can afford it How it works It is best that you see with your own eyes.

Of course, it is an incredible solution for providing a balcony those who do not have homes .Of course in addition to possible overload that may affect the structure-guess that it will consider in each case, there is the problem of local legislation, as the walls can not be changed thoughtlessly, especially those facing the street. Although it is something that maybe you might get themselves put on a facade facing the courtyard of apples.

In any case, one more way in which the ingenuity and technology provide a little more comfort to our lives, through this window that turns into a balcony at the push of a button . Now I’m going to buy a piggy bank pig size naturally to start saving.

More info on  Bloomframe


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