Apple’s Cover Flow Impact to iOS Docks with “Overflow” Jailbreak

Apple’s Cover Flow Impact to iOS Docks with Overflow Jailbreak

Jailbreakers will bring Apple’s “Cover Flow” impact to your iOS docks with a replacement tweak known as Overflow. Created by App Store and jailbreak developer Adam Bell, Overflow works with tweaks like Infinidock and Springtomize to allow you to simply scroll through docked apps like album covers within the Music app.

Apple’s Cover Flow Impact to iOS Docks with Overflow Jailbreak-full
To use Overflow, you’ll have to be compelled to have a tweak put in that permits you to add over four apps to your dock. For iOS 5, chpwn’s Infinidock ($0.99) works nice. Springtomize two ($2.99) additionally permits you to customise your dock within the same means. There’s even a “Cover Flow Impact” possibility in Springtomize for the iOS dock, however I found throughout testing that Overflow is a lot of Apple-like with its animations.

Once you have got half dozen or a lot of icons in your dock, Overflow becomes a extremely nice thanks to scroll through your apps. Names are hidden till a definite app is chosen within the middle of the dock. the entire expertise feels precisely like cowl Flow in iTunes and Apple’s Music app.



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