Apple will Reduce the size of the Connector on the New iPhone

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For the first time in many years, Apple is going to give up proprietary 30-pin interface, which is present at all the players, smart phones and tablet computers in the company. According to Reuters citing insider sources, the first device with the new iPhone will be a connector of the sample in 2012, the release is expected in October.

Two sources close to the partners of Apple, told reporters Reuters, that instead of the traditional 30-pin connector will get the new iPhone 19-pin interface. This design decision will free up space on the bottom of the 3.5-millimeter jack for headphones. However, the abandonment of the traditional method of connection would mean that the new iPhone will lose compatibility with docking stations, multimedia centers and other third-party devices, although these devices have become an integral part of the ecosystem of iPod / iPhone / iPad. Most likely, at first, the situation will correct adapter.

Market experts do not see mobile technology specific problems in the transition to the new standard. Thus, an analyst at research firm Canalys Pete Cunningham (Pete Cunningham) recalls that the old 30-pin connector has become the standard for many manufacturers, and the same should be expected for the new interface. Therefore, manufacturers of accessories for this opportunity. Many experts point to the fact that the connector is the old model is obsolete – a width of 21 mm it is inferior to the existing standard solutions such as micro USB, in the aspect of power and physical size, so the transition to the new model is an objective necessity.

The introduction of a new connector hardest hit by the owners of music and sports accessories for the 30-pin connector, but after a short transition period manufacturers of compatible devices will move to the new standard, but Apple will release a full range of branded mobile devices with the new model. In this regard, the most wise have been companies that have relied on wireless accessories.


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