Apple iPhone Changes Lenses to Change the Photographs

Apple iPhone Changes Lenses to Change the Photographs 1

The patent in this case describes a technology that involves the removal of the rear of a smartphone so you can remove and replace the supplied lens . The feasible solutions could be many: a panel invertible for always having 2 different lens, replacement panels to have more options available, strobe flash option to change the rendering of lighting, et cetera.

Today the iPhone is the most used tool in the process of sharing images on social network : it is on Facebook, Twitter is so, so it is on Flickr. The smartphone is thus established as a fundamental tool for photography, since even in the face of a necessary compromise in quality, responds to the need to always take photographs through a device which by its nature is always available.

No coincidence that Facebook has bought Instagram. No coincidence that Nokia is testing the technology PureView and has acquired in recent days, the Scalado . No coincidence that Apple registers patents for imaging and will probably begin to imagine new solutions for the iPhone.

Apple iPhone Changes Lenses to Change the Photographs

The lens is a key element in this direction, since it is responsible before the capture of the image and operates at a level higher than the previous software. For this reason a mechanical action on the smartphone could be the key to give the iPhone features and capabilities otherwise not obtainable from a simple software development. It is said that the patent fully describes what Apple will actually accomplish, but at least an address outlining: the world of photography is changing under the influence of smartphones and the producers have therefore felt ever more strongly the importance of investing in this direction to attract people’s curiosity.


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