Apple is Developing a Tool to Remove Trojan Flashback

trojan flashbackNo more that … That was high that many were using the “in mac viruses do not exist” seems to have ceased to be true. In fact it never was proper, rather that sentence should be qualified by that Mac computers were not sufficient quota for users to call the attention of “Hackers”. In recent years, and as we have seen from the reports of results of the company, the share of Macs in the world has been growing at a remarkable pace. Obviously, this Trojan is not as aggressive as that “worm” that appeared in Windows XP a decade ago and kept in check half the world with their computers restarting alone, but knock on wood.

Apple declares, from the support pages of the company, which is developing a specific tool to detect and remove this software , so it looks like that in the coming days we will have an update system that includes this application and avoid future infections . Although this Trojan only responsible for collecting information from our computers to be sent over the Internet then a little over a week and there is a patch to cover Apple’s Java vulnerability that caused the entry of this Trojan.

As I commented my friend Fernando, this patch prevented the Trojan we entered into the system if it had not done already , so this tool that Apple promises will shelve this problem that was monopolizing the last few days. Hopefully this is only a temporary problem and not become a regular from now. While OS X is Unix-based and is a robust, there really is no perfect OS, so this type of vulnerabilities continue to appear while waiting to be exploited.


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