Apple Accepts for the First Time in the App Store an Application to Record the Screen in IOS

Apple Accepts for the First Time in the App Store an Application to Record the Screen in IOS 1

So far the only way was to make a recording of the screen of your iPhone was jailbroken and install add-ons making an app called Cydia Display Recorder. Apple has never allowed this type of functionality in the applications of the App Store but, whether by a relaxation in the rules of the apple store or a simple oversight in the approval process, the truth is that now you have one available for download.

The app has the same name as that of CydiaDisplay Recorder , while Ryan Petrich, the author of the original, has been unmarked on twitter claiming to have nothing to do and announcing that you have already filed a complaint with Apple through iTunes Connect. If andabais looking for something, you’d better buy some before the Apple rectify his mistake, I think better or attend Petrich’s claim.

Display Recorder is priced at 1.59 euros and can record the image and sound (via the microphone audio is not direct), export the video to our reel or upload directly to YouTube. The application fulfills the promise, but at least so far as quality is not anything to write.

First, the first version has some pretty annoying bugs such as recording distorted depending on the orientation on the iPad or, worse, a bug that forces us to choose U.S. in the regional format option (in Settings / General / International) if we want to do something with it. Furthermore, although in configuration are two capture options (direct and screenshot) the small number of frames in the resulting videos make us think that always works really catch connecting at a speed faster or slower … something acceptable though not ideal.

Display Recorder

  • Developer: BUGUN Software
  • Language: English
  • Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 3G, 4 and 4S, iPod touch (3 rd and 4 th generation) and iPhone. Requires iPhone OS 4.0 or later.
  • Price: 1.59 euros
  • Download it to the App Store


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