Amazon Kindle Format 8 KF8: HTML5 and CSS3 Based eBooks

Kindle fire format 8Amazon has announced a new format for displaying eBooks. The Kindle Format 8 (KF8), mainly based on the standard HTML5 and CSS3 will allow publishers to create digital books with a higher quality format than that offered by current standards.

The new format will make eBooks with graphics and color images at high resolution.

The Kindle Format 8 will replace the format Mobi 7 and will add over 150 new formatting features, including fixed layout, nested tables, sidebars, scalable vector graphics (SVG), allowing the creation of more complex and books full of images. The KF8 has therefore been developed especially for comics and graphic novels, picture books for children, technical and engineering books and cookbooks . The list of CSS elements and HTML tags is very long, but seem absent of HTML5 audio and video tags. Amazon’s goal is still to provide users with high-quality digital books with color images at high resolution. Initially, the Kindle Format 8 is only supported by the recent Kindle Fire running Android , but then the entire range of readers will be available via a software update.
Amazon Kindle Format KF8- eBooks in HTML5 and CSS3

The suite Kindle Publisher Tools will allow publishers to convert Mobi eBook written in KF8 7 and vice versa. With KindleGen 2 books can be created from HTML, XHTML, and EPUB, and Kindle Previewer with 2 publishers can see a preview of their securities in the new format. As a result, Amazon will also distribute applications for Windows, Mac, tablets and smart-phones.

Source: Amazon
Via Engadget
Image: Amazon Kindle Fire


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