16 Highest Paid Jobs by Apple

Engineer Software Quality Assurance

This is a job for engineers received an average salary of $ 87,651 per year (about 1.84 billion).

16 Highest Paid Jobs by Apple 1

Business Analysis

They promote the business segment is a smooth and get paid $ 87,768 (about 1.84 billion / year).

Systems Engineer

Be paid $ 94,119 per year (about 1.98 billion), system engineers to ensure the production chain do not have a problem, as well as risk management can occur.

Project Management

Paid on average $ 94,652 (about 1.99 billion / year), the manager must follow the details of the project is being implemented, help everything is done simultaneously and completed on time.

Mechanical Engineer

The mechanical engineer was paid $ 99,900 companies each year (about 2.1 billion).

Senior Systems Engineer

With the amount of $ 101,794 (about 2.14 billion / year) is greatly admired colleague.

Software Engineer

They received $ 103,883 (about 2.18 tydong) annual salary.

Firmware engineers

They deserve to get paid $ 103,985 (about 2.18 billion / year).

 Highest Paid Jobs

Get paid $ 104,923 (about $ 2.2 billion / year), test engineers must develop rigorous testing process for each Apple product.

Hardware engineers

They are getting paid $ 105,316 per year (about 2.21 billion).

Database Management

They were rewarded with $ 105,382 per year (about 2.21 billion).

Product Design Engineer

They are paid $ 116,019 (about 2.44 billion / year)

Product Management

Apple paid $ 118,556 for this team every year (about 2.49 billion).

Senior hardware engineer

Senior hardware engineers earn decent salaries $ 124,893 (about 2.62 billion / year).

Senior Software Engineer

They paid $ 126,325 per year (about 2.65 billion).

In charge of art

They are getting an average salary of $ 133,664 per year (about $ 2.8 billion).


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