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At this point, it seems that Twitter has always existed. Consciousness is omniscient, is the place we go if we hear that something happens, the first holders before holders, the noise is united in one voice, amplified, accelerates and becomes information or organization can make free countries and give hope to the young.

Twitter is a distraction to the single thought is free, is lack of productivity, is empty and superfluous gossip is accurate, is the personality that you touch is dead but died years later.Twitter is truth and a lie. It transpired ego and humility dry. Twitter is many things, all this that I say or none of these things.

Because it is so difficult to define the tool is filled with myths, half truths, urban legends.Things that define Twitter in the minds of some people and can lend itself to confusion, or longing, or creativity, or X way of seeing the world, but they are very distant from the objective reality of what some call truth. Believing in these myths and act thinking they are true, we will limit our actual experience and capabilities within Twitter. It is better to take a breath, take off some mental cobwebs, and improve our daily when using the tool.

The 10 biggest myths about Twitter:

1. Twitter is a social network

Twitter is a social network. They define themselves as:

… A network of real-time information that connects you with the latest stories, ideas, opinions and news about what you find interesting.

Several Twitter executives have repeatedly stated that the tool is not a social network. Kevin Thau (vice president of business) says that Twitter is a news network and knowledge. Thau says:

Twitter is for news. Twitter is for content. Twitter is for information.

Twitter is in turn a microblogging tool that is far from having all the necessary elements to be considered a social network as such. Understand how the creators of Twitter define your company can help tremendously to understand where they go, are closer to become the conscience “invisible” of humanity that a giant calendar to record birthdays. The tab # view gives us many clues the path that they chose.

2. Twitter is reciprocal

One of the false things you can hear on Twitter is that the relationship between followers and followed has to be reciprocal. Twitter has always been a tool in which you can not follow people who follow you, and back the same. The tool has been built to ensure “and follow you follow me.” In fact it is next to impossible by the limitations of when to avoid spam accounts. Twitter is not reciprocal because the amount of people who can read and follow is limited, it is foolish to follow 10,000 people in the end not read anyone and you fail to bond with anyone. Unless you forget your timeline and use only lists. You can do it but you’re living a lie and rejecting the use of the main timeline.

An important detail, but Twitter is not reciprocal, this does not mean that there are certain norms or social rules that end up satisfied on this network. Unfollow a friend can cause problems, not to follow your boss or coworkers can be a source of discord. What I mean is that we must be careful to follow the subject to stop following someone or, more if someone close.

3. What matters is the number of Twitter followers

There are many ways to manipulate the number of followers on Twitter that this metric loses any sense when assessing whether a person is really important or influential.You can buy fan, squeeze through and through the myth of “follow me and follow you” or follow1x1, you can create bots that follow people and people and people and people every day (and stop further then) and I am appealing to followback Auto many people. Getting followers on Twitter in a way that is not organic, has no sense of real use to deceive beyond advertising agencies and social media to create you influential, the truth is that nobody reads.

Moreover, any Twitter account with more than 100 followers, achieved organically, begins to have many advantages for the person, that you have thousands of followers ghosts. A number of interesting, and may be a relatively simple goal is to get 1000 followers are. With this many people are going to enjoy much of the experience of using Twitter, and you can create and participate in conversations. Think of your fans as friends and collaborators, not fans.

4. Nobody is interested in what had breakfast

One of the worst lies that runs Internet ensures that nobody is interested in very personal aspects of your life. This is completely false. People on Twitter love to follow people, brands and companies are relegated to the background. The main reason why people are people are those little tweets show you the other side is a human who shares some of their everyday experiences. Of course, not be all that you do and 70% of your tweets, but small messages where you indicate that you like things of life, places where you go, the things you eat, show your human side.

You’re not a robot who only submit links to popular Internet blogs, you’re a person who makes things interesting (or both) in their day to day. But that “going for coffee” or ¨ “good beer that I’m taking” humanizes your timeline, and humanizes your life.

5. The trending topics are handled by Twitter

Something that many politicians and activists often say: Twitter does not want my great “crusade to prevent the death of the unknown yellow tropical mosquitoes in southern Venezuelan Amazon” is trending topic because it destabilizes the world order and ultimately achieves ultra revolution where endangered status quo indefinitely. Nonsense. The trending topics are not handled by Twitter.

The way you select these “current issues” or trends, fall on a computer algorithm that decides, under certain unknown parameters, what is “popular in Twitter” and what not.Although any algorithm can be manipulated if you know what parameters affect it, this level of manipulation is done by users or experts to discover how the program works and how it is handled is often rather ephemeral. On the other hand, no cause or no revolution will have more or less successful if it seems as trending topic for a few hours or days. The world is not changed from the trending topics of Twitter .

6. The trending topics are really important

Twitter Trends are very creative and unique, just see the 10 issues of the day to find a lot of hashtags like # EscribeNombresDeBandasComoSeOye, # LaVerdadEs, # FelizViernes, # CulpadeClarin, etc.. that are created by people for fun, including some that may have a political origin or relatively important, but end up becoming a contest of phrases “clever” or a way to express personal preferences or try to say something funny. They are not really important aspects of the day or today.

In this way many trivial issues or lack of a transcendental aspect to people, countries or communities end up being issues of the day on Twitter. It is likely that these trending topics to a sociologist help more people understand that a journalist to discover what most of the day.Because of this confusion we see newspapers filled with news in reference to “Twitter trends” that are not trend or news or anything. Same as above: The world is not changed from the trending topics of Twitter .

7. To use Twitter tweets have to write

While participating in the conversation and write tweets can be a great experience, and in the case of companies and brands is critical, there are people who can use Twitter without even writing a message to 140 characters in his life. Choosing who to follow and well lists using Twitter, you can turn this tool into a powerful information center. If you like to read and consume news, and do not like writing, like Twitter is for you.

You can extend the experience by creating an account and using a tablet with Flipboard or zite , you’ll enjoy hours and hours of knowledge. On the other hand, many Web services use Twitter as a means to authenticate (login to) persons. A Twitter account lets you use many other services and tools. All without the need to write.

8. In Twitter you have to answer all

The people’s time is limited, there is no one who has 100% of their time to devote to Twitter.This tool is used from the Web, desktop computers, laptops, tablets, cell phones and there are tweets that are triggered from other services, or simply are scheduled. You can tweet from the street, people interact with what we write, but now we’re driving or in a meeting, this process can be repeated several times, spend a day and never Twitter to review the next morning. Although we try to meet everyone there is always time and geographical constraints (we are not on Twitter).

You have to take it easy when a person does not answer us, and if you never answered probably not have time that is never rude or stupid is not responding, there are many factors.Of course answer within the possibilities of time and interest, is best, but it will not always occur.

9. Twitter is the end of journalism

Nothing is the end of anything. Things are killing themselves in the absence of innovation or commitment. Journalism will exist forever, or until the day that every newspaper in the world (and people) are more interested in Kardashian in the European crisis, oh wait!

10. A tweet dies within minutes

There are tweets that have a long life. One option that gives the current is Twitter tweets inserted , this can place them in blogs, media, web pages and other Internet services.Although many tweets go unnoticed, some of them die within a few minutes, will survive elsewhere.

In addition, many newspapers have little news on Twitter love to dig for and print out tweets on their front pages. So you can take a leap to fame with your 140 characters of fame.


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