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How organizations can prepare for AI

Tomorrow’s users must be highly flexible in the future.┬áThey therefore demand the same user experience in the workplace that they are accustomed to from their private environment.┬áArtificial intelligence can do this and will enter service management – whether companies are prepared for it or not. The workplace of the future wants to be equipped with […]

The Matching Beard for All IT Occupations [Infographic]

Anyone who believes that success depends only on internal factors such as motivation or hard work, and also on cut plus shaving. The Employee at Wired have listed, which is what Bart for IT profession the right thing.

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Eleven Milestones in IT History

Eleven units, which changed the world towards the digital age, and have influenced modern life so sustainably.Here we will discuss the┬áMilestones in IT History and the achievements. It all started with the transistor.┬áWhen in 1947 the first operational point-contact transistor (bipolar┬á) at Bell Labs in Murray Hill, New Jersey, USA, the light of day, it […]

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