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Ice Cream Sandwich is Prepared for the Galaxy SII and HTC Sensation

Do not arrive before MWC 2012. The Ice Cream Sandwich updates for many of the phones that are waiting, it will still a bit hard to get. But there are already more or less specific dates. 

Easy Ways to Create Beautiful hairstyles

To reiterate the most popular hairstyles , not to be a professional barber or stylist. Just to have imagination and desire to repeat the simple techniques can follow to create a simple fashion the spit, and unique variations with different methods of weaving. ¬†To recreate the hair, which tells our master, you will need a […]

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Love is Officially Recognized Disease

World Health Organization¬†has officially¬†recognized the¬†love of¬†mental illness.¬† The feeling, for which humanity lives and works, a state that inspires the beautiful and reckless actions, put in one line with alcoholism and drug addiction.¬†Physicians assigned a¬†love of¬†the international code F63.9 and brought her into the “ills” the dry title “disorder, unspecified habits and desire.”

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HTC Introduced “Rhyme” :The First Smartphone for Women

It so happened that the availability of accessories and black, the new smartphone HTC Rhyme in RuNet dubbed as the female.¬†Although it would seem, where the grounds for thinking so? He¬†does not like red, pink and even without strazikov, and the girl’s application not … Nevertheless, smart and really focused on women.¬†In view of smartphone […]

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What if Someone Have “Heart Attack” in Front of your eyes?

Situations in life are different.¬†What if ¬†someone have heart attack in front of your eyes, and what needs to be done in different ¬†cases?Today we tell about some ¬†common errors in administering first aid to a¬†victim¬†and how to help him. Very often people rush emergency aid.Altruism is ¬†a good thing but¬†¬†before jumping into the thick […]

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