What if Someone Have “Heart Attack” in Front of your eyes?

What if Someone Have "Hart Attack" before your eyes?Situations in life are different. What if  someone have

heart attack in front of your eyes, and what needs to be done in different  cases?Today we tell about some  common errors in administering first aid to a victim and how to help him.

Very often people rush emergency aid.Altruism is  a good thing but  before jumping into the thick of things, you should soberly assess the situation and its possibilities. Because one victim , it is always better than two or three. The first thing to do  call the appropriate service.Second  carefully examine the scene. And before you rush to help  try to understand what may threaten you personally.

The first thing to do  call the “ambulance” as is required for this physician intensivist. The situation is very serious. In fact, you have only a few minutes to catch and call a doctor to help his arrival.

Check whether the victim is breathing and pulse. If not, the patient had a cardiac arrest.Place the victim in a horizontal position – always on a hard surface. Pick up his feet to 10-15 cm above the level of the body. This is done in order to provide the heart of the largest possible amount of blood. Undo any tight clothing, free the body from the belt, remove the shoes. Attach both hands palms down on the bottom of the chest and push several times their own body weight. If this is done immediately after cardiac arrest have a chance to get him back to fight.

If the previous steps did not produce results, patients need to do artificial respiration and heart massage. Make it up as long as the heart is not clogged or ambulance arrives. Chest compressions should not be done if the victim has a pulse.

The desire to help people in distress, it is understandable and laudable. However, be aware of one of the main precepts of medicine.Another important point if you’re not a doctor or if you have no skills, first aid, if you can not afford anything like Help  it is better just to pass. Do not interfere in the professionals  job. And respect those who are in trouble.


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