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How to Copy-Paste a Building

DOWNLOAD PDF Depth of Surface Exhibition Publication The copy process, did not begin or end with computers and the internet, copy culture is ancient and its impact on the way we access, accumulate and distribute goods and ideas has only been amplified by digital technologies. 3D printing is the process of physical copies of digital […]

How to Activate the New Design,YouTube Has Now!

Well the news is the following, YouTube did “lifting” has acquired a brand new “face”. This is now a full ananeomeni website with a strong element of Google +-why? – And several features exploring content. If you have not yet shown the new design, do not worry we have the solution. Folks in The Verge, discovered an easy […]

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Amazon`s New Kindle Fire vs iOS 5

The new  Kindle Fire of Amazon represents as the first device of the company which can move beyond black and white ebook readers delivered with very low price, different  apps, music, videos and magazines with a color touchscreen. If we Compared the new Amazon Kindle Fire to iOS normally, the Kindle fire lacks support for push messaging for email, […]

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Android 4.0 and The New Smartphone Galaxy Nexus Introduced

Today in Hong Kong, as expected , introduced a new flagship smartphone and Google’s new operating system Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich The new “google phone” was named Galaxy Nexus, because novelty – a joint project of Samsung and Google. Specifications of the device fully comply with the previously found themselves in the network: – Android 4.0 Ice […]

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