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Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 – The First Trailer

Came one of the most awaited day for all followers of the saga of¬†Twilight¬†.¬†There is only one ribbon to finish the story of vampires and wolves most famous film.¬†We can see a promotional image of what will be the last film based on this love story.¬†It is clear that his followers will ask for a […]

First Image of Twilight Breaking Dawn – Part 2

While still not reach the trailers of upcoming films, what we most want to see are the pictures of the filming of these movies that can be a blockbuster in the future and we wish to see in the coming months.¬†We have spent some time talking about movies like¬†Breaking Dawn – Part 2¬†, the last […]

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, Got Married!

US Weekly reported, at a press conference,¬†Twilight¬†star Robert Pattinson shear a secret that, he ¬†got ¬†married¬†and ¬†His wife is his ¬†partner in the film “Twilight” Kristen Stewart.¬† It happened when the couple filmed the¬†Breaking Dawn¬†wedding scene,to be completely accurate,¬†on the set they ¬†had been invited a real priest and all the ceremonial rules also observed.He […]

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Lets Hope ‘Breaking Dawn’ Lights Up in Theaters Soon

we can not anticipate the fourth part (Breaking Dawn) of the series “Twilight” that will hit theaters November 18, 2011. Like “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” before we have a tendency to suspect that the purpose of dividing the components of one and two are a secret. It is likely, however, that the main […]

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