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Data is the fuel of Internet of Things

Mark Re of Seagate looks to the future of data.Ā IoT and other topics will lead to a dramatic increase in the amount of data. Current technologies are undoubtedly very impressive. Above all because they are becoming more and more adaptable and adaptable.Ā This is particularly evident in the Internet of Things (IoT). An enormous network of […]

The ABC of big data technologies

There are many ways to profit from data.Ā Before choosing the technology you should therefore ask the question: What do I want to achieve with the Big Data analysis? Those who want to evaluate their data today are confronted with a multitude of possibilities and a flood of terminology that does not make selection easy.Ā Around the […]

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What exactly is behind Process Mining?

The origin of BigĀ DataĀ analytics technology “Process Mining” is located in the Netherlands.Ā The Dutch computer science professorĀ Wil van der AalstĀ already researched systems for workflow management andĀ businessĀ process management (BPM)Ā at the TU Eindhoven in the early 2000sĀ .Ā He discovered a gap in the analysis of transactional data: So far, we focused on the analysis of data without assigning them […]

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10 free Machine Learning AI tools for developers

Freely available open source tools allow developers to leverage the power of Google or Facebook and incorporate artificial intelligence into their applications. Developers working onĀ artificial intelligenceĀ andĀ machine learningĀ , for example, can write apps for better speech recognition or take their self-developed applications to a new level.Ā This article gives an overview of some of the most popularĀ open […]

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