World’s Smallest Aquarium that Holds Just Two Teaspoons of Water

The World’s Smallest Aquarium 1This is the world’s smallest aquarium , which holds just two teaspoons of water and that actually works. According to reports, the aquarium is made from glass and measures just 30 mm wide by 24 mm high and 14mm deep , there is only room for these tiny zebra fish who is quite happy living in its small abode.

The extra-ordinary aquarium can be held in the palm of your hand. It does comes with miniature plants as well as very small stones. To ensure the arrangement was not disturbed the 10ml of water had to be applied with a syringe and the fish had to be added with a specially made miniature fish net.The World’s Smallest Aquarium 1

The extraordinary creation has been created by 57-year-old  Russian artist Anatoly Konenko. He was the first in Siberia to make what he calls ‘microminiature’ art.

In  past he has perfected the painstaking skill of writing on tiny grains of rice, poppy seeds and even human hair.


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