Found Water and Organic Material on the Planet Mercury!

Found-Water-on-MarsThe NASA had announced a few days ago that we announce something really shocking and we all thought that would relate findings Curiosity from the planet Mars. Eventually, the “bomb” exploded from another planet and specifically the Mercury, the closest planet to the Sun.

To get to the point, the spacecraft Messenger revealed compelling evidence that Mercury has water in form of  ice(and even quite a large amount), and ice protected from sunlight form a layer of organic matter! Water and organic matter are the fundamental elements for life!

 The discoveries resulted from three different measurements and the service now firmly believes that Mercury “accepted” these elements (water and organic compounds) in the same way that they came to Earth (probably from comets) and created life, even while maintaining Now after billions of years thanks to the tilt of the planet that holds a place of always in the shade. Do not forget that Mercury has no atmosphere, leading to extremely prevalent extreme temperatures (from-223.15C to 426.85C).

As expected, the announcement is expected to be discussed too and there will be several reactions to allegations of NASA, but it is the first time in the history of mankind we have even a clue that there is life (not in the form we perceive) there out.

Via: NASA 


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