Best Vegetables for Women

Vegetables and sweet:

Rich in essential nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C, vitamin K, proteins, gluxid, and axitamin.

Vegetables and sweet but can treat errors placenta.

Red Spinach:

Fiber, vitamins and other minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron … aid in the blood, improve the body immunity.

This vegetable sweetness, love cool, so that heat effect, cool blood, diuretic, antiseptic.

Best Vegetables for Women 1


Seaweed not only provide valuable nutrients but also helps increase the amount of milk for the woman.

White mustard vegetables (cauliflower):

Cauliflower with about 500g per day, you will be given calcium, iron, and vitamin carpten necessary for the body, awake, reducing stress and cholesterol.


Pregnant women routinely eat vegetables can prevent postpartum hemorrhage.

Best Vegetables for Women 2


Cordata are sour, spicy, fishy smell, the cool, heat effect, detoxification, objectives coincide, antiseptic.

Vegetables also helps good circulation ducts, preventing the switch ducts.

Vegetables spinach:

Vegetable dish with chicken th to evil and black beans will help her a lot of milk, reduce constipation.


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