The Titanic Sank Because the Moon Was ?

The Titanic Sank Because the Moon Was

On April 14, 1912, the Titanic’s maiden voyage was to end abruptly after a fatal collision with an iceberg, like the lives of more than 1300 people in the vast ocean.

One hundred years later, and a few days before “anniversary,” a new theory scholars coming to the fore, a theory that suggests the moon as the main culprit of the tragedy.

According to this, in 1912 was the year when the moon reached its closest distance from Earth, a distance had to “close” for over 1000 years.

Additionally, knowing that the last night of the voyage of the Titanic was not the moon, with simple calculations experts concluded that the shortest distance to the moon was in conjunction with a full moon just days before the departure of the cruise!

It is scientifically accepted that the severity of the Moon has such power on earth that even times of water can change direction. The new theory, therefore, having this data in mind, speculates that it is precisely the strength got the piece of ice and gradually led to the open ocean, a trend that unfortunately this would cut the Titanic!

Of course there are many criticisms regarding the above matters Nonetheless no one can contest it entirely or be assertive. Crazy case categories and there is no court to decide …

The decision totally yours!


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