Make the Shape of the Face with Blush

Make the shape of the face with blushDepending on the face shape, you will choose to fight different blush, best suited to help her look glamorous

On the circleMake the shape of the face with blush

Avoidance of direct blush cheek because that just makes you more rounded face. Instead, gently beat from underneath blusher cheek upstream toward the hairline.

 Note: Make sure that you blush similar to the lipstick color unless you use the color red.

On the squareMake the shape of the face with blush

With this face, you should brush your nose slanted from the horizontal upwards towards the hairline, while in cheek, you remove the brush in a circular motion. This will help you reduce your face more angular.

Note: To achieve best performance, you go before a cream blush background. Thus, you will cover the wrinkles on the skin.

On the heartMake the shape of the face with blush

With this face over the top to the bottom, so to create a balance, you hit low blush under the cheekbones in the direction from the inside out to create a balance.

Note: To select colors “flatter” the best, try pinching your cheeks blush to pick up the natural color and then select the color closest to the cheek.

Oval faceMake the shape of the face with blush

This is probably the most desirable faces because of the distance from eye to eye on the forehead and chin fairly balanced. You check directly to blush cheeks and felt the light of the temple.

Note: To review the most natural-looking blush, smile when you hit the red cheeks and then scan it on the cheeks voted.


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