Research: The Longer you Sit, The Faster You will Die

The Longer you Sit, The Faster You will Die A sedentary life is a daily routine of the majority of office workers and fortunately the last several years have cornered them in the program for some time to exercise, however, a recently research completed in 4 years  by the Sax Institute (Australia) is to reverse some ideas.

Specifically, the results of the survey (conducted in “sample” of about 220,000 people over 45 years) showed that those who sit more hours a day (11 or more), have higher mortality rate by 40% compared with those who sit less ( 4 hours or less).

 Then the scientists put all the research data that affect the final result (eg age, weight, physical activity, health status, etc.) and saw that those who exercise more than 5 hours / week, and many continue to sit hours, while showing lower mortality rate than those who do not exercise, but again is much more dangerous position than those that move constantly.

Before “panic” from the results of yet another investigation, we can look at what they say physiotherapists for many years, that every two hours or so, a little stretching and a little walk in the office.┬áNow, for those who want more radical solutions, have begun to launch offices standing, but then not complain about problems in the lower back and knees …

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