How to Put a Tattoo using Gimp with out Pain?

You want to know how to put tattoo using GimpIf the answer is yes, check out the tips in this tutorial which are very simple to follow. Once you learn the technique, you can customize your photos and your friends by leaving everyone with a tattoo you want – and without pain.

Photo of Brad Pitt with tattoo done in Gimp (Photo: Play / Raquel Freire)

Step 1. Open Gimp;

Step 2. In menu “File”, open the photo of the person whom you want to place the tattoo. Then repeat the operation to open the tattoo, which must have white background. The “Single Window Mode” was cleared only for better viewing this tutorialbut you need not proceed in this way – on the contrary, only in the preview window makes it easy to edit;

Gimp with the necessary files opened for editing (Photo: Play / Raquel Freire)

Step 3. With the tool “Rectangular Selection”, select the image of the tattoo and give a Ctrl + C to copy it. Close the file without saving changes;

Drawing the tattoo selected (Photo: Play / Raquel Freire)

Step 4. In the photo of the model, paste the image giving a Ctrl + V. Select the tool “Resize”. In the opened window, click the icon located next to the current values of height and width to fix the proportion, and resize the image according to its principal photography;

Floating layer sandwiched with tattoo (Photo: Play / Raquel Freire)

Step 5. Make sure that when you pasted the image, Gimp created a new layer called Floating. “Click the “Create a new layer” so that it passes to exist;

Step 6. With the move tool, position the tattoo on the desired body part. If necessary, re-adjust the size using the gadget scale, and rotation, on the “Rotate”;

Window “Rotate” open with preview (Photo: Play / Raquel Freire)

Step 7. Go to “Mode” and change it to “Multiply”;

Way to change the mode to Multiply (Photo: Play / Raquel Freire)

Step 8. If you need to hide a part of the tattoo, as is the case in this tutorial (the pants should cover the bottom of the Phoenix), perform the following procedure: first, select the lasso tool and outline the area you want to remove, then just press “Delete”. For ease, zoom image;

Part of the tattoo has been erased using the Lasso tool (Photo: Play / Raquel Freire)

Step 9. For the tattoo becomes more realistic, lower the opacity of the layer. In this example, we use 65%;

Tattoo with opacity reduced to 65% (Photo: Play / Raquel Freire)

Step 10. Ready! Now just export your photo as JPG and use it as you wish. The end result is the beginning of the tutorial.


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