How to Make a Perfect Skin

Scrubs for all skin typesIn the summer you do not want to overload the skin with tonal means. But in this case is ideal to achieve smooth, glowing complexion? All the answers in our material.

Lucky for those who are both in winter and summer can go without foundation. But what about the rest of those who does it, even in hot weather? Of course you can argue long about what their problems (read – pimples, enlarged pores, pigmentation, redness, wrinkles, dark circles) always seem more serious than others. But all the same!

Step 1. Reduce the appearance of blackheads

The first reason that hand and reaches for the tube with creams – are visible pimples, blackheads and enlarged pores. Of blackheads and pimples will save only skin care. If this problem really bothers you, take a rule, twice a day to wash and wipe the skin tonic, as well as 1-2 times a week, exfoliate your skin scrub. Of course, this advice may seem obvious, but somehow, all of our problems with a person (and not only) occur mainly due to laziness. We sometimes do not want once again to wash, wash-up, use a toner, apply on face cream. Much easier to hide everything under a thick layer of makeup. So the main thing – do not be lazy. Reduce enlarged pores to help special tools. They may contain an extract of white clay (to reduce sebum production), polymers (they fill the irregularities of the skin and not clog it), flower acid (to help pull the pores).

Step 2. Getting rid of pigmentation and acne spots

The spots are not only in the sun! The color of our skin depends on its content of melanin. What is this substance is, the dark skin. Sometimes, in certain areas of the skin produced by melanin is not the same – in this case, the body having islands of hyperpigmentation. Spots may occur after pregnancy, but most of them appear, or with age, or from excessive exposure to sunlight. UV rays can damage the cells that produce melanin – the melanocytes. And over time these injured cells form the skin dark areas.Moreover, hyperpigmentation can occur not immediately after you are badly burned in the sun, and after many years! As for the spots after acne, they are much faster. Our skin is able to upgrade in 21 days. Accordingly, during this time trace of the ill-fated pass pimple.

Step 3. Protect your skin from the sun

Of course, the tan – it’s very nice. But remember that everything is fine in moderation. If possible, try to protect your skin from the sun, using creams with SPF, and wearing broad-brimmed hats and sunglasses.

Step 4. Use the base

Few know that the base for the face – a great alternative to liquid foundation. It aligns perfectly the tone of the face and creates a feeling of the mask. Once you have done it in person, you can lightly powder the T-zone and flushed if necessary, to disguise a pimple or bruising under the eye corrector. At the end will put a little blush, mascara and paint over the eye make-up day is ready!

Step 5. It gives the skin a healthy radiant look

Shining kind of person it is easy to make using a powder bronzer or powder with the effect of lights. A few strokes of the brush and your face shines with health and beauty!


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