Nomophobia, A Sad Reality Rapidly Increasing (Video)

According to a study done by some mental health professionals, Nomophobia is the serious Mental disorder affecting millions of Americans. It is the fear of running out of your smartphone.

Nomophobia, A Sad Reality Rapidly Increasing (Video) 2

A rapidly growing phenomenon so much as to have forced doctors to create a real recovery program in a rehabilitation center in California called Morningside Recovery.A structure of Newport Beach offers a special program for the treatment of patients who fail to stay away from your phone.

Dr. Elizabeth Waterman , a therapist of Morningside , said:

Studies show that two thirds of the population suffers nomophobia. For a couple of years this phenomenon has increased by 13%, keeping pace with the rapid evolution of technology and mobile devices.

According to the website of Morningside , the nomophobia (no-mobile-phone-phobia) is recognized when:

  • It often puts a hand over your pocket where it is usually located on your phone
  • You use the smartphone often, even in inappropriate places
  • It constantly monitors your battery life for fear of running out in times of need
And you? check often your iPhone?

Via | MacLife

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