Some Interesting Facts About Scorpions

One of the scary creatures with extremely powerful venom that easy prey to paralysis and death within seconds of the scorpion. Although the shapes are small but destructive force inside always made other large animals must be terrified. Let’s find out interesting information about this species of scorpion lightly.

 Summary of the body composition of scorpions
Some Interesting Facts About Scorpions 1
Scorpions of invertebrate animals, segmented body, including eight feet of class Arachnida (spiders animal form).
Scorpion body is divided into two parts: the first chest (coal burning) and abdomen (the hindquarters). Abdomen including the lower abdomen and tail.
The first part of the chest / burning front: including armor, eyes, legs pliers (part of the mouth), foot and 8 foot touch pliers.

Abdomen: divided into 8 sections. The first paragraph contains the reproductive organs and traces of a sub-division now known as the lid removed in sex. The second stage is a pair of sensory organs like substance Pectine. The remaining four, including the lungs. The abdomen was shielded with keratin.
Tail: 6 burning (burning burning belly first as last). Scorpion’s anus is located in the last burn, and poison gas brings.Burning end of a bag containing, respectively, a pair of venom glands and venom injection.

Borders around the body, some places do have hairy bodies balanced. A coating transparent armor which becomes fluorescent green under ultraviolet light. The new scorpion molting will not light until it is strong armor.Coating that can not be chipped in the fossil record for hundreds of millions of years.
Some interesting information that you may not know
– Although there are many eye scorpions (minimum of six eyes and a maximum of 12 eyes, depending on the different species of scorpions) but our vision is not good.

– The visibility was not good but things scorpions can still discern the light of day or night.
– Scorpions sense of smell very good, they can sense different odors to find food and escape from dangerous enemies.
– Especially, scorpions capable of extremely sensitive, based on the vibrations of the surroundings, we can predict what changes in existing and how.

– The average life expectancy of the scorpion is from 2-10 years. There are some particular species can live to 25 years.
– Substances in fluorescence of scorpion armor is considered an important part in the metabolism and molting of scorpions.
– Almost all species of scorpions are venomous, but only 25% of the amount they have venom strong enough to cause prey paralysis and death.

– Some species of scorpions can live up to a year without eating or drinking.
– The scorpion usually feed at night, and to the day they rest in the hole or holes in large boulders.
– Scorpio is the more adaptable species in different habitats, even after the harsh environment that is how.

– An interesting thing is that the scorpion is often very sensitive to light, so little when they move to where the sun much.
– The same species, but the females usually have larger body size of males.
– Sometimes the children just to kill the males after they mate if males are not quick to run to another.
– Scorpio is the lack of species feeding liquid, so the venom they have special properties that prey was transformed into a liquid so that they can easily digest.
– We usually eat living organisms such as spiders, insects, lizards larvae, sometimes small mice.
– Although scorpions are diverse in variety but not so toxic that they have the same, each weapon type has its own toxicity to kill their prey.
– The best environment that scorpions can thrive is the land.
– There are over 90 different species of scorpions in the United States.
– The dangerous scorpion species usually reside in North Africa and the Middle East.
– There are over 30 species of scorpions found in Arizona. Most popular in the Phoenix area is Bark Scorpion (Centruroides exilicauda), where the scorpion with powerful and toxic and potentially lethal with the highest rate.
– Of scorpion venom causes paralysis of the prey was in place, also for human bite will cause inflammation, which causes difficulty in breathing, muscle twitching, body temperature increased sharply sharp, and pulmonary edema.
Postscript: The author wishes the reader has more knowledge about the species of scorpions are useful to enrich the knowledge of his science. Scorpion species toxicity capable of affecting human life, so if those who are exposed to species of scorpions should go learn them carefully to avoid the unwanted pity.


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