Home Bend to ‘Melt’

Designers & Zaleski Szotynscy gives us a work of unique architecture, inspired from the images in the fairy tale of Jan Marcin Szancer and Per Dahlberg. 

“The house bend” This is one of the unusual architecture, unique in the world weird. Bring the feeling of a virtual world, offering the house as we come to discover.

Home Bend to 'Melt' 1

“The house bend” this is now a shopping center in Sopot, Poland.

When there is snow cover, suggests it as feeling like a fairy world of cartoons.

Walls, roof and windows are deformed.

The curved wall was gonna melt glue.

Overview home value of “toxic poison”.

Interior design in house nor touched every where.

Bend as the walls are melting right? 

Window frame where the attic floor.

It is architecture’s “1-0-2”.

It’s called Krzywy Domek, meaning “house bend.”

You can sit and chat and enjoy the feeling of home is melting here.

When the city lights up, the house became more sparkling.


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