Gigi Hadid Beats a Prankster at Milan Fashion Show [VIDEO]

‘I had EVERY RIGHT to defend myself’! Yeah…. these are the words said by one of the most beautiful and sexy super model Gigi Hadid who just beats a prankster  who lifts her up as she leaves Milan fashion show today.

The young model was enjoying in the Italian city for Milan Fashion Week and was leaving the Max Mara show in which she showed her modeling skills along side her body.

The incident took place when Gigi was coming to her car with her sister Bella, and a serial prankster Vitalii Sediuk, just suprised her by grabbing her from the back. She became furious and beats him on his quite indecent move.

Here’s the series of photos showing how Gigi Hadid beats the stupid prankster in front of a lot of fans and her security crew.



Supermodel_Gigi_Hadid -1



After this nasty episode, model Gigi Hadid just defended her action by posting a tweet on her twitter account.


The witnesses at spot just report that furious Gigi Hadid just beats the prankster with her fists and elbows to fight him off while her sister Bella, was shouting ‘Let go of her!’ and tried her best to free her sister from the grip of the prankster.

At this moment the prankster got confused and as a result he put Gigi back down on her feet, but she charged him shouting with extreme anger shouting loudly ‘Who the f*** are you, you piece of s***.’

Finally the security official intervened and Gigi escaped away, looking quite furious and red in anger.

Here’s the video showing the whole incident how Gigi Hadid beats a prankster at Millan Fashion Show.

via: DailyMail


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