Make 120 Wishes Per Hour on 4th January

First "Meteorite Rain"of 2012 Will Start on 4th JanuaryOn the night of 3 to 4 January in the night sky, the inhabitants of the northern hemisphere will be able to see the first meteorite rain this year.This meteor shower is called “kvandratidy,” which appears in the constellation Bootes, located on the border of the constellations of Hercules and the Dragon.

Astronomers say that this time the “star rain” will pour down in buckets. One hour is expected to fall to 120 meteors. And this celestial show will be available for viewing for three nights from 11 pm until the morning dawn but In the southern hemisphere they appear at dawn, and the inexperienced eye could barely make out their on the brightening sky.

By the way, for the convenience of the contemplation of the starry rain should pay attention to the fact that the meteors will depart from the north-east so we recommend observers to lie on his back legs in a direction between south-east and south or west and north-west and be ready to make 120 wishes per hour .


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