Energy Drinks are Dangerous for Health

Energy Drinks are Dangerous for HealthAustralian doctors state: more and more energy drinks caffeine provoke poisoning . In this regard, experts urge officials to introduce measures to regulate the sector.

In turn, representatives of companies that produce energy, believes that consumers must take responsibility for their behavior, because in the energy drinks there is already an indication of the caffeine content.

The latest study, published in the journal Medical Journal of Australia says about 65 people in 2010, caught in the poison center of New South Wales with the problems caused by this power engineers. But in 2004 the number of victims was only 12.

The average age of patients was equal to 17 years. They complained of hallucinations, seizures and heart problems. Most often, symptoms develop when people drink energy, trying to relax. Often taken together with drinks alcohol, caffeine pills and illegal drugs.

But, specialists say, symptoms made itself felt, and when people drink energy in an amount recommended by the manufacturer. But the chief doctor of the Centre poisons Naren Gundzha notes: It’s hard to tell how much caffeine is exceeding safety standards. It all depends on the person, its size, for example.

According to the medical, energy is just as harmful as 20 cups of coffee, so this area of ??food should be regulated in a special way (for example, to set the minimum age at which energy is allowed to fly, to add more information on the packaging).


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