Dye your Hair Without Dye

Get dreamy color alternative ways

Dye your Hair Without Dye 1

Whether you run out of money, or you want a more natural solution you can create exactly the hair color that dreamed in alternative ways.Suffice to choose the color you wish for the entire surface of your hair or even highlights, and other Asta on us ! We looked for ideas from you the palette of nature’s secrets grandmother, kitchen, or wherever we could … chothoume. 
Red color Red fruits Take what you have handy red fruit like blueberries, cherries, berries, beets and even put them a pot with water. The more red water the more intense will be the color. Use this extract after shampoo to wash your hair. No, I do not want sun, nor rinse. Slowly – slowly, you’ll notice that your hair have become bright red shimmering sheen?
Flowers  Fill a bucket with water and throw in a handful of red rose petals or petals of red carnations. Once boiled, left about two hours in the water to the paint enough and rinse with this mixture to your hair after every wash. Soon we will give you intense red highlights!
Color brown & black coffee or black tea Mix half a cup of conditioner or hair mask cream with half a cup of coffee now. Let the mixture about an hour on your hair and then you can bathe. The longer you put darker brown will become your hair. If you stop putting, you’ll notice that the color will revert to the original.
Cocoa Every time you bathe, mix ½ teaspoon cocoa dose shampoo you use. Rub and rinse well. Soon, you will see bright brown coloring and use it as the darker it becomes. 
Vinegar and soy sauce need a half cup of each and since mingle well, rinse with this mixture to your hair after every wash. The strong smell is left in the hair after drying, while the effect is cumulative. As long as you use it the darker.
Sage is the most “gentle” way to darken some tons of your hair if you do not want bold black. Boil enough sage in a little water and sprinkle this mixture in your hair everyday. The days bathed, sprayed them after shampooing and do not rinse. You’ll see beautiful color and shinier your hair. 


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