If you Want to Burn Fat not Run Forward but Run Backwards


Running is a great sport especially when you are concious about your weight. However, running backwards, like a crab, it is much more.

This way of practicing jogging , which became popular in the United States, Italy and Austria.It is called retro running .Because this type of footing increases the strength of the back muscles of the legs, little used during races forward, and also helps burn almost fifty percent more calories , in addition to demanding more effort of the cardiovascular system.

Research about running backwards

According to a new study conducted by researchers at Milan and published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences , this mode also improves balance and allows us to recover from certain injuries common among athletes (by hitting more gently soil, minimizing knee injuries).

A South African study of the University of Stellenbosch seems to confirm these results.

History of Running Backwards

See if the retro running just catching on, but I doubt it reaches jogging in popularity. James F. Fixx was responsible for the New Yorker jogging became fashionable worldwide. As a young man, Fixx was used at a gas station, but soon into Mensa (a club for gifted or people with high IQs) and become editor and publisher of numerous prestigious magazines like Life and Playboy . But his greatest obsession was physical exercise, especially running .

Fixx started running at age 35, when she weighed almost 100 kilos and smoked about two packs a day snuff. lost 30 kilos , quit and wrote a book about the feat, Complete Book of Running , which spent 11 weeks in the number one on the list of best selling books, making him a wealthy man and popular.However, one day after his daily marathon session, Fixx died of a heart attack.

When you start  running backword?


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