Babies Learn to Speak by Reading Lips

Babies Learn to Speak by Reading Lips

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A study reveals that the mouths look for how to make sounds . Therefore, spend time with them is more important to them to see a children’s movie.

Florida scientists found that after six months , babies begin to change the look absorbed early childhood to study the mouth when people speak to them. It occurs when gradually changes babbling gibberish to an incoherent syllables, which end up being a “mom” or “dad”

To imitate, the baby has to understand how to move the lips to make the sound you are hearing , “said psychologist David Lewkowicz, Florida Atlantic University, who led the study published Monday. “It’s an incredibly complex process.”

Apparently, not long time to know the moves that are consistent with the basic sounds . For his first birthday, babies start to look you in the eye again, unless I hear unfamiliar sounds of a foreign language . If so, use the technique of lip reading some more.

It’s an intriguing finding, said Bob McMurray, professor of psychology at the University of Iowa, who also studies the development of speech. Babies’ know what they need to know and are able to focus their attention on what is important at every stage of development . “

The new research is published in this week’s issue of the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The study provides further evidence that spending time with babies is very important for speech development , rather than put them to a children movie .

Source : AFP


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