Aliens to Earth Since Ancient Times?

Aliens to Earth Since Ancient Times? 1

Many national chronicles mention the unidentified object (UFO) has the form, expression plane in the sky like Italy in 216 BC, the circle of fire in Egypt …

1. Egypt

Thutmose III ruled Egypt in the period 1504 – 1450 BC. During the reign, a most unusual event occurred and he ordered put this event on to chronicle his mind ever after.

Some scribes recorded a circle of fire appears in the night sky. A few days later, the circle appears more and more fire in the sky (perhaps a fleet of flying saucers), almost lit up the sky. However, the rings move up and fly south before disappearing completely.

2. India

Around for the past two millennia, the poems, epics and religious texts written on the flying machine called “vimanas”. The “vimanas” mainly chariot of the gods are created by Lord Brahma (“engineer” of the universe and the head of the demigods) and some of the other demigods.

3. Israel

Jewish economic landscape refers to an aircraft with smoke, fire and loud noises like modern spacecraft.UFOs and aliens can actually appear in ancient times rather than just a metaphor in the Bible.

4. Rome

In the 4th century AD, the Roman historian named Julius Obsequens collection of works of previous historians Livy and other resources at that time to compile all the books on strange phenomena of the Roman Empire. 

His book mentions a few examples can be seen as the appearance of UFOs during the Roman historian.Annals mention things like aircraft in the sky in Italy in 216 BC.

Several hundred years later (in 99 BC), the territory of the Roman Spoletium, people see a yellow ball of fire falling from the sky to the ground. It lies on the ground, trembling before once again flew into the sky and turn east.

In the year of AD 393, a ball of light appears next to Venus, then a smaller ball entered the region early morning before beating around the large central sphere, to create a halo greater light in the sky. This description is very similar to the current report on the formation of UFOs.

Five. Japan

The term “flying saucer” actually was coined in Japan some 700 years before the Western world use it. 1180, a ship flying “earthenware” unusual shiny, found near a mountain in Kii province before it changed direction and disappeared in the horizon, leaving a light smoke behind it. 

This is one of the first official investigation of UFOs in Japan. In Yoritsume farm and his army in 1235, mysterious light in the night sky was observed for several hours in the southwest of the barracks.

Commander in chief ordered an investigation. Finally, a report was submitted to him contains many explanations of things like modern flying disc space.

6. Europe

Fall of the Roman Empire does not mean that images of objects flying over. A book written in 1493 contains one of the first illustration of a UFO in Europe. Besides painting is an object described details of an odd shape.

In the late 12th century in England, one other UFO seen in the North Yorkshire near Begland Abbey. While the pastor was praying at night, a flat object, shiny silver sparkle and look like a giant flying saucer in the night sky on the top of the monastery.

During the 14th and 15th centuries, there are numerous reports of UFOs across the UK. In 1322, appeared in the sky of Uxbridge a “pillar of fire” with the size of a small boat. It comes from the southern sky, then flew from the sky before flying north to the red beam of fire and light in front. 

In 1461, a flying disc was seen at Chanel. This flying object shaped like an iron rod flames in the night sky.Shaped like a ship fire to light the night sky at Arras, France in about 20 minutes.


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