8 Bad Habits that Accelerate the Aging Process of the Brain!

Bad-Habits-Accelerate-Aging-Brain1. Defame others

Whenever you think about the bad things of others, the brain is “cretinism” a little. Research says, the brain will work well when you find and discover the strengths of others.

2. Eating after 9 pm

The brain and other organs will “turn on” rest mode after 9pm. Eating anything at this time will “wake up” the brain works; thus burdening the brain.

3. Not determined

Do what you like can stimulate the vitality of the brain and promote the growth of brain cells.When focusing on the perspective of others, or hesitated, wondering, you accidentally cause the brain idle.Depends- mobile-phone-damage-brain

4. Depends on the mobile phone

We are too dependent on cell phones. Brain and hand use less; thus, more rapid brain aging.To improve this situation, hard to write daily notes or diary .

5. Fixed Lifestyle

Daily routine without any changes will cause the brain to work in inertia and reduce the dynamic vitality. Occasionally, take a different route to work or travel where there is also stimulating and relaxing the brain.High-heels-effect-brain

6. High heels

High heels will put pressure on the foot, waist and shoulder, affecting the part of the brain responsible for thinking, and reduces the ability to evaluate your thinking.

7. Too little exercise

Lack of physical exercise brain would be “foolish” part. Further, lazy practice will easily lead to obesity and damage brain cells.

8. Anxiety

A common characteristic worrisome is the abuse of a part of the brain, leading to poor blood circulation in the brain, causing fatigue and anger. So, when worried, you can take deep breaths to relax your body and mind.


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