75 Simple actions that instantly lift your spirits

Happiness can give the most basic things. Revoseek gathered an impressive list of ideas to deal with sadness and blues.This Article will instantly lift your spirits.

75 Simple actions that instantly lift your spirits 1

Happy Life

Simple joys

1. Watch a funny video on YouTube.

2. Listen to your favorite music.

3. Prepare something tasty.

4. Treat yourself and order your favorite takeaway.

5. Read the book.

6.  Dance.

7. Sing your favorite song. But only incendiary.

8. Watch a good movie .

9. Look good old sitcom.

lift your spirits

10. Play with your pet.

11. Buy a bouquet of flowers and put it in a prominent place to please the eye.

12. Drink a delicious tea, coffee or other beverage.

13. Make a series of selfies with funny facial expressions. As an option – take a picture in the photo booth.

14. Come to work in a beautiful outfit.

15. Buy an inexpensive item that can lift your spirits. It is better that its cost does not exceed 50–100 rubles.

The point is to find a gift for a nominal money, and not to make an impulsive purchase.

16. Declare with love your favorite poem or passage from the play.

17. Fool around anonymous or video chat.


18. Meditate for 10 minutes. Or just sit up straight, close your eyes and take 10 slow breaths and exhalations.

19. Take a bath with essential oils.

20. Arrange a 20-minute session of yoga or stretching.

21. Ask someone to give you a massage. Or do it yourself. A massage chair in the mall is also an option.

22. Buy a bottle of good wine and slowly savor it all evening.

23. Burst bubble wrap, stick your hand in peas (beans, lentils) like Ame75 Simple actions that instantly lift your spirits 2lie, or get pleasant tactile sensations in a different way.

24. Let off steam and shout.

25. Lie down at last and sleep well!


26. Draw a picture. Your artistic abilities are absolutely not important here.

27. Make up a story. It can be a kind fairy tale or a chilling thriller. The main thing is that it captures you.

28. Make your own hands .

29. If you can, play a musical instrument. However, if you do not know how, nothing prevents to extract rhythmic sounds from surrounding objects.

30. Come up with a comic book as the main character. Own sadness can be used as a starting point. For example, invent a superpower of tears or gloom.

Such entertainment will help to look at the situation less seriously and tragically.

31. Paint the coloring.

32. Make a board of desires, cutting out from magazines or newspapers illustrations that reflect your dreams. Stick them on a sheet of cardboard or drawing paper and hang in a prominent place.

33. Print your favorite photos and make an album of them.

Lift your spirits with Games

34. Play a video or online game.

35. Solve the puzzle or puzzle.

36. Play with anti-stress toy .

37. On the way from work or in a store, play a spy: imagine that someone is chasing you or you are watching someone. Behave yourself as naturally as possible, but remember: you are a spy. Try not to fail the task.

75 Simple actions that instantly lift your spirits 3

38. Sometimes it’s nice to be someone else. Come up with a new person and tell a fictional story from “your” life to a stranger. For example, a bartender or a taxi driver.

39. Play in public transport. For example, try to imagine who your fellow travelers are. The game is hotter: imagine that these people are the only survivors of the apocalypse, and you need to decide with whom of them you will continue the human race.

Actions involving others

40. Write a good letter to a friend or relative who is now also not easy. As an option – calland cheer him up.

41. Talk to your most beloved and responsive loved one.

42. Play a friend.

43. Make someone a surprise.

44. Give someone a sincere compliment.

45. Have sex.

Activities outside the home

46. Walk around the area or go to the park.

47. Open the map of your city and blindly select a place. Go there and find something interesting there.

48. Take a ride on an unfamiliar route of public transport and look at the city from the window.

49. Feed ducks, squirrels or pigeons – any harmless living creatures that you will meet within the city.

50. Go on a photo walk . You can simply shoot the city and people or come up with an unusual theme. For example, photograph red strangers or beautiful cracks on the pavement.

51. Open a poster, select an interesting event, which takes place on this day, and visit it. Performance, concert, exhibition – at your discretion.

52. Go to the pool or gym.

75 Simple actions that instantly lift your spirits 4

53. Visit the place you have long wanted to go to. This may be a flea market, a museum, an unfamiliar area of ??the city – the choice is yours.

54. Complete the quest.

55. Get to the usual place an unusual route.

56. Ride a bike, skateboard or roller skate.

Useful things

57. Clean the house.

58. Throw away all the trash that has gathered on the balcony, mezzanine and other places of accumulation of useless things .

59. Make a permutation in the apartment.

60. Get your computer in order at last.

61. Remove from friends in social networks of all users who do not interest you or annoy. It would also be good to clean your mail and unsubscribe from unnecessary mailings.

62. Start to learn some useful skill.

63. Donate money, things, or spend time on charity.

Back to the childhood

64. Play your favorite children’s game. To do this, most likely, will have to attract other people. Although, for example, the classics can be played alone.

65. Build a fort of pillows and blankets.

75 Simple actions that instantly lift your spirits 5

66. Play the random number on the phone.

67. Blow bubbles.

68. Buy a balloon with helium, inhale the gas and talk in a foolish voice.

69. Play in the theater of shadows.

70. Ride on a swing in the playground.

71. Ride on attractions in the amusement park.

72. Launch a firecracker or firework. A simplified version – Bengal lights.


73. Practice penmanship and beautifully write all the letters of the alphabet.

74. Imagine that you are giving an interview to your favorite publication. Answer questions honestly and in detail. Although … Answer the way you want.

75. Write down your three achievements. It is possible more & Write down three things for which you are grateful to the world.

The list is endless. Share your ideas in the comments and share that how you lift your spirits when dealing with awkward situations.


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