7 Amazing Facts About the Universe You May Not Know!

7 Amazing Facts About the Universe You May Not Know! 1

Every night, every time he looked up to the sky, we see millions of stars flickering, shimmering light to create stunning beauty of the vast universe . For thousands of years, people are always trying to explore and solve their origin, the origin of life, the origin of the deep universe. We had a lot of answers, many oral satisfying part of the inherent curiosity, but probably longer for a long, long time the little man can find out the answer of the not mysterious time. We recently reviewed seven impressive discoveries about the universe can surprise everyone from the expansion and acceleration of the universe to the problem of dark matter , dark energy… Essence is pleased to introduce this article interesting to you. 

Age of the Universe According to the widely accepted theory today, the universe was born from the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago. Scientists calculate this figure based on the measurement of the material composition and energy density in the universe. From there they can know the expansion rate of the universe in the previous stage for a long time, then they extrapolate a time when the Big Bang occurred. 

Expanding universe In the 1920s astronomers U.S. famous Dr. Edwin Hubble had a revolutionary research when he discovered the universe is not stable or shrinking due to gravitational collapse as people think, the truth is that it is being expanded. However, observations of super star located at a great distance taken by the Hubble Space Telescope in 1998, it was found that the original rate of expansion of the universe is not the same over time : a long time ago the universe expands more slowly than the current time. Therefore, there must be a source of energy that dominates the expansion of the universe which we now call dark energy. But for now, the man is not able to understand the origin of dark energy. 

Expansion rate of the universe continues to grow also in 1998, astronomers have additional information causing shock when they announced the universe is not only expanding, but the pace of expansion is increasing. Results obtained by observation from the stars so far away from Earth, they found that their speed away from Earth on an accelerometer. This is an additional evidence to confirm the correctness of the theory of relativity developed by Albert Einstein. With the discovery in 1998, three astronomers were awarded the Nobel Prize for physics in 2011 (only three years after their work was published, a rare achievement award is usually given to the author decades later) 

Universe may be flat, sphere or saddle shape of the universe influenced by two factors: the decline due to gravity and the expansion. Because the material is preserved, the density of matter in the universe will depend on the volume or shape of it. Thus, as the universe expanded, matter density also varies. Scientists, if the material density of the universe to reach a certain number, the geometric structure of the universe will be flat as a sheet of paper (thickness is negligible compared to the other dimensions). Meanwhile, the universe is the assumption that there is no boundary and will expand forever. If the density of matter exceeds that figure, the universe will have the form of a sphere, is called a closed universe. Another scenario may occur if low-density material than the above value, the universe will saddle shape, or open space. 

Universe is filled with dark matter and dark energy We live in a world view that includes the fundamental particles, including quarks, leptons and bosons interactive television. But the horrible truth is the total mass of particles that only 4% of the total volume of the universe. The remaining 96% as calculated are things that we have never seen or do not know about it. They call them the dark matter and dark energy. So far the experts found only indirect evidence of the existence of a form of matter / energy. 

Radiation from the Big Bang filled the universe Although the Big Bang occurred ago 13.7 billion years, the remnants of which still exist today. They call it the cosmic background radiation (CMB-cosmic microwave background). At the macro level, we observed that the radiation is isotropic and has a temperature of 2.7 Kelvin. Currently Plank project of the European Space Agency continues to make measurements more accurate and complete map background radiation of the universe. 

Maybe there are many parallel universes Some scientists well not excluded we live in a universe next to the other universe. This hypothesis could happen if the Big Bang is not the time in different areas of expansion with the same speed. Each area will create a private space like the bubbles next to each other. In which each universe, the laws of physics that govern individual looks.


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