World’s First Paper USB Drive

World's First Paper USB Drive 1

We have seen a number of different types, different shapes, different sizes and different designs of USB drive, but paper USB seems to be very rare for us. some people questioned is the paper made ??USB drive available ? Of course available.

World's First Paper USB Drive 2

Recently, the foreign company called Intellipaper Technology Invent a memory chip embedded in a piece of tissue paper.Company Achieve the Title  “Inventor of the the world’s first Paper USB Drive”. You can tear the paper can be folded USB drive. It is also very slim (Figure shown).

World's First Paper USB Drive 3

Intellipaper company said that paper like ordinary USB can work Excellent and at the same time very green (Environment Friendly). The cost is very cheap. After all, it replaces the original plastic shell with a paper.

World's First Paper USB Drive 4


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