The First WIND Business Cloud Services for Professionals

WIND Business Cloud Services

The first services offered by WIND Cloud businesses and professionals, CLOUD based technology , pioneered the trend internationally and is the future in telecommunications.

With new services WIND Business Cloud, companies released the full costs of purchase, installation and maintenance of infrastructure equipment and software, using all necessary business applications as subscription services (SaaS) with a low monthly cost.

In this way focus on business activities and functions, and have greater potential for exploitation and use of software applications.

The family WIND Business Cloud services targeted at corporate customers, with a series of applications designed exclusively for businesses and professionals through a series of strict procedures certified.

The companies enjoy unique benefits and significant benefits of acquiring online access from any device, anywhere, anytime, to corporate email and contacts, check real-time sales and fleet vehicles by direct communication with customers and partners, increasing significantly their productivity.

More details of the initial services offered are:

-WIND Business Communication
Secure email and corporate presence on the Internet via Online service platform based on Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Outlook. Users can have their own corporate identity in the internet, to share documents, tasks and contacts, check the availability of their colleagues and to communicate directly with them.

-WIND Business Sales Automation
Portable & merchandising ordering easy and economical. This is a new comprehensive subscription service through sales automation devices Smartphone, Tablet PC, Notebook or PDA. Users of the service covers a low monthly cost of sales processes, mobile ordering, customer information, receipts, record of competition on the go executives.

-WIND Business WebSMS
Sending text messages to multiple recipients via internet, so that professionals can easily and affordably communicate with our partners and their customers.

-WIND Business Fleet Management
Fleet management professionals or corporate vehicles in real time via internet. Thanks to this service the company has control of schedules, safety of goods and drivers, while reducing its operating costs.

The WIND Business Cloud services combined with the WIND Business mobile services, fixed and Internet.

WIND is the first integrated telecommunications services provider offering corporate clients the ability to use the services cloud, utilizing the capabilities of a single network infrastructure and mobile, fixed & Internet.


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