Waste Paper Becomes Bricks: Construction Costs will be Greatly Reduced

Waste Material ,Bricks

A long time ago there was a waste paper to manufacture bricks of technology, but it is easy to ignite paper bricks manufactured that are  durability. India‘s National Institute of Technology have developed a new paper brick manufacturing process. These paper bricks are more secure and practical. Waste-Material,Bricks??

It is understood that this brick is made with 10% of the cement made ??by 90% of the waste paper after mechanical mixing, into the mold., Last in the sun to dry. ??

These bricks have been used to make the false ceiling and interior partitions and exterior wall with a layer of waterproof layer can be added. The staff of the Institute said that waste paper, foam polystyrene, plastic fiber, straw, polystyrene fibers and waste cotton items can also be used to make bricks. These recycled materials making bricks cost 50 percent less than ordinary bricks.


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