Why Ugly Meter ™ Can Fire?

Why Ugly Meter ™ Can Fire

Ugly Meter ™ can be hot to such a degree that the reason came out, turned out to be driven by the entertainment of the “Happy Camp”! Xiaobian carefully read it again the software recommended in the video clips, Ugly Meter ™ can come to the fore recommended in the program, so a variety of software, for several reasons:

1 -program interaction to drive.

This point is not to say Happy Camp piles of entertainment audience attention, and naturally there will be a lot of fans buying experience in the program recommend this software. Other interactive show Ugly Meter ™ link more and the whole Comedy naturally attracted more attention than any other software.

2 – the software is very “practical”

As a description of the software: You have not thought about the fact, you look just ugly, but around the friend did not tell you directly? or you have a friend all day, especially narcissism in fact giant knock chen but you embarrassed to say directly? With Ugly Meter, you do not have depressed this thing!

3 – spoof ingredients

naturally this software a spoof of the ingredients, the fans will be happy to take this software to look in around people are always looking forward to this own 0 friends 10 minutes, ha ha! , Fans comparison star effect,

Nadeem has many fans recommend this software naturally the majority of the audience, compared to a lot of fans like to download to play. The same number of stars, fans naturally than and idol who is more ugly!

The Xiaobian fact, not to the professional analysis of the success of this software, the above individuals randomly thought, if the front of Friends of willing to discuss can comment pointed out.

4 – Welcome to the front of Friends of the comments , or discussion of applications, or to discuss this phenomenon, or irrigation chat can!


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