Toshiba Tech Copier System will Use Erasable Ink [Video]

Toshiba Tech Copier System will Use Erasable InkAs they have come into our lives as electronic versions of books, journals, texts, etc. (through computers, Tablets and eReaders ), there will always be a need for printed material.

However, both for environmental reasons and for economic, companies want to reduce paper consumption and recently proposed the use of paper open to delete the print, but it costs significantly more than the classic A4 paper and has a limited shelf life, so rejected .

A much better solution is to propose Toshiba , addressing the issue differently. He rejected the erasable paper and created a new type of toner (the cartridge with ink in printers), which “writes” onto the paper and also has the ability to erase the ink with a thermal technique, called FriXion Ball.

 The printing press is the classic paper by the new generation printer that has the potential to erase the printed ink, but it should be noted that after completion of the process remain some slight marks on paper, but is clean enough to be used again. Moreover, markets a range of Pilot pens with ink that is removed from the printer, so we can keep notes on paper.

The Toshiba says that each sheet can be used 5 times, and when they recognize that the printer can not delete other out, throwing the paper in a different place.

Please note that the new Toshiba printers will allow scanning of the paper before removal, so that the user keeps an electronic file information.

The new printers will be released in late 2012 and initially supported only blue ink. Future versions will be released covering all colors.

Via: Ubergizmo


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