Sony will Continue to Burn CDs with Blue Lasers

Sony Music Japan has announced its second version of its specification Blu-spec CD. Just like the first, the  Blu-spec CD2 aims to create audio CDs as accurate as possible.

Sony will Continue to Burn CDs with Blue Lasers 2

To achieve its purposes, the company uses a blu-ray burner (as amended) and blue laser to create a blank disc cups that will sound reproduction. This laser is more Pecis the red laser, it can be seen in the photo to get a burning far more accurate. These cups keep however a classic shape that can continue to play the CD and created on any CD player. 
course and for technical reasons, the blank disc is actually a Blu-ray disc but the CD drive sees and reads like a CD.

It is therefore a way to use Blu-ray technology to create a variation of the ultimate good old audio CD whose accuracy would be 10 times higher than what eliminate defects. It will certainly high-end appliances and ears very entrained to be able to detect the difference. This is probably why there will initially than 108 different CDs that will be available on the market.

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