The Slow Adoption of Windows 8

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Through various sources of companies dedicated to data analysis determined that Microsoft is in serious trouble because adoption of Windows 8 is much slower than expected. To date, the market share of the new operating system does not exceed 2% and lies under Windows Vista , the version that has given more trouble to the Redmond company.

From 26 October to date Windows 8 only managed 1.72% of the users , an alarming figure as compared to Windows Vista launch in the same time period, the operating system could a little more than 2%. Compared to Windows 7, the difference is huge because since its launch, and had a 2.21% compared to 0.38% obtained Windows 8 during its first months. The statistics to date continue to position Windows 7 as the operating system installed, followed by veteran Windows XP and Mac OS X.

Widows 8 graph

Data from NetMarketShare

PC sales fell dramatically during the holiday shopping period. The reasons? adoption problems in Windows 8 that could enlist as follows:

  • The learning curve of Windows 8 is high.
  • Resistance to change users.
  • Usability issues.
  • The insistence to turn a PC into a tablet .
  • The confusion generated by RT and Pro version to users without knowledge.

Although Microsoft has stated that it sold 40 million licenses of Windows 8, it is certain that they are still in the hands of the manufacturer, the date chosen by Microsoft to launch the new operating system was great but did not have that the market changes drastically and now have to work again to solve all the problems of interface and usability to make the operating system more attractive to users and gain more ground in the market.

The data of holiday shopping but not yet recorded a figure would be impossible to achieve that Microsoft would need to completely replace facilities Windows Vista , Windows 7 and Windows XP . Looks like we’ll have to wait for the next version that would tentatively named Windows Blue to achieve the Redmond compose all the mistakes they made with Windows 8 .


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