OneID for Automatic Data Identification to Secure Internet

OneID Security Mechanism

The Aims to give users more security and convenience  in their dealings on the Internet in OneIDThis is a new way to protect personal data which however is quite different compared to traditional methods of security as it uses usernames and passwords. 

With advanced OneID becomes asymmetric cryptography to verify user information through many electronic devices such as smartphone , mobile or tablet. How does it work? Basically the OneID need two devices. The one called active device and the one with which the user will login to the service they desire. To enter the service the user presses the OneID and computer (active device) sends a verification message to the mobile user. If you do not have near the second device, the user is able to type pin. The creator of the project, Steve Kirsch, said that this method will occupy us in the future, while not impossible to reverse the data in the site login.

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