IT Managers Underestimate the Danger

IT Managers Underestimate the Danger 1

More than 95 percent of the companies recorded in the period 2008 to 2010 failures in the data center. In most cases, the emergency plans were inadequate. Almost always, took charge of the safety stop until the emergency has already occurred.

In fact, the probability that a natural disaster, the data center paralyzing, very low. The danger lurking elsewhere: by far the greater number of incidents in the data center to go to human error, returns the failure of the uninterruptible power supply, air conditioning or a water drop, according to the results of the study, “2010 National Survey on Data Center Outages “the market researcher the American Ponemon Institute.

Here, the contingency plans prove to be insufficient in most cases. The danger is widely underestimated, one in five had not even tested these plans.Typically, the responsible IT managers responded only when a failure of the vulnerability of their own data center infrastructure had led before her eyes.

Moreover, the lack of adequate resources for emergency preparedness. For the formulation and implementation of an effective strategy and should be free of charge did not. But in times of limited budgets for scarce funds go first to the daily operation. Given the apparently negligible risk of a disaster, therefore, measures for disaster recovery and business continuity in many cases fall by the wayside.

It is Required to convince them of investing in emergency preparedness, data center managers should therefore approach with exact calculations of the impact of a data center blackout on the business management. 

“An analysis of the consequences for the business would have a data center incident is a very effective way to lead the top-management in mind, what risks the company is received, unless emergency measures are taken,” said Tom Roberts, Data Center Architect at Trinity Information , an IT service provider for the healthcare industry.

He should know: It was not until after the year 2008, the entire data center from Trinity Stood information after a power failure and the failure of Notmechanismen for several days, then an effective strategy for disaster recovery and business continuity has been implemented.


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