Java Security Patch Against FlashBack (Download)

Trojan mac

Apple has just put online a third patch to fight against the vulnerability exploited by the malware FlashBack.

The Java security patch removes most common variants of malware Flashback.

This update also configures the web module Java to disable the automatic execution of Java applets. Users can reactivate their execution in the Java Preferences application. If the module detects that Java web applet has been executed a long time, Java applets will be disabled again.

This update is recommended for all Mac users with Java.

For more details on this update, see:

The company at the apple showed reactivity on the case, noted that these faults were introduced during porting the Java Runtime Environment by Apple (JRE). To recall the Java version 6u26 proposed to install Leo is the latest version officially supported by Apple in the future Java will be provided directly by Oracle as for other platforms. If such a case occurs again Apple will no longer have any responsibility, but hope that Oracle will feel concerned enough to offer quick fixes.

Porting Java to Oracle was made to version 7, it is already possible to download and install a “Developer Preview”. As its name implies, it is at the stage of beta and is only for software developers wishing to benefit from the improvements of Java 7 to write their programs on Mac OS X.


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