IBM Announces the Biggest Breakthrough to Date in Scalable Quantum Computers

Researchers Propose that Quantum Computers with Holograms

What we see on these pictures is the latest development in terms of quantum computation by the team of IBM Research . The company’s scientists announce such a big step that could mean that in a space of 10 years both companies and households to implement the technology .

The response to this announcement gives us the qubits . A qubit is the quantum system with two eigenstates, a system that can only be described by quantum mechanics. To perform quantum computation has to be able to securely store this system.

And here’s the problem, since the qubits are elusive because of the systems known as quantum decoherence, the phenomenon whereby quantum particles form larger bodies that behave classically.

To do this, since IBM has created a high-qubit coherence 3D able to maintain state for up to 100 microseconds (0.1 milliseconds). That is, stable enough for engineers to change their approach to increasing the number of qubits needed to create a quantum computer logic.

The first experiment created a 3-qubit chip using conventional semiconductor manufacturing that were then used to perform logical operations with a success rate of 95%.

We speak of unprecedented success results in quantum computers, with the creation of qubits high stability and with which the company expects to open a new path towards the construction of multi-qubit chip.

According to IBM, we are in a time that within 10 years quantum computers become part of ordinary life. :

This is important when you consider that 250 qubits would be able to store more bits of information that atoms in the universe. We are talking about a performance of a supercomputer on a single chip. 


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